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Custom Sportswear - The Process

How our Sublimated Sportswear is made

Have you ever wondered how we:

Custom Sportswear - from fabric to uniform

Well, let us take you through the different stages.

Sportswear designThe Design Stage

This is where we work with you to find out exactly what sports uniform designs you want and then create this for each sportswear garment required. This may be a tweak of one of our designs online or a completely custom design.

Once you are happy with the design we then set up the design for each panel of the custom sportswear garments required and send this to our sublimation printers.

The Printing Stage

PrintingLarge format printers then print the custom sportswear designs onto special sublimation paper. This prints out with the design for each garment panel.

We have 3 of these printers to ensure that we have a fast turnaround time during peak times.

The Sublimation Stage

The printed sublimation paper is now fed into special heat presses with whatever material (white) we are making the sportswear with. The heat causes the ink to transfer from the paper to the material, therefore transferring the design onto the material.

SublimationWe have 2 Heat Presses. One is for small jobs and requires the Operator to place the printed design for 1 garment onto a panel with the material over it and then this is put through the press. The other is a continuous Heat Press for large jobs where entire rolls of sublimation paper and material are fed in.

The Cutting Stage

The sublimated panels are now cut out from the material ready for assembly.

Sportswear manufactureThe Assembly Stage

We employ some of the best Sewers in Australia to sew these sublimated panels together to complete the sportswear garments. This includes Collars, Trim and Buttons.

The Quality Control and Packing Stage

Quality ControlThe final stage is checking the Garments to ensure they are at the standard we are renowned for and then individually packingb these for easy distribution at club level. We then ship them to wherever you are.

Watch the video of this entire custom sportswear process