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Healthy after game snack idea's

The feeling you get from giving it your all, totally pushing your body to perform at it's best and playing hard is one of the finest sensations we can experience. That rush of endorphins and the satisfaction you get from a first rate effort, whether it be on the footy (/soccer/soccer-uniforms) field, basketball (/basketball/custom-basketball-uniform-designs) court or running (/athletics/athletics-clothing) track, makes participating in sport worth every drop of sweat. When you've used every ounce of energy in your body it's tempting to refuel with convenience foods like energy bars, confec more

3 Exercise tips for getting volleyball fit

The type of fitness needed to develop your volleyball game includes vertical jump power, stamina, speed as well as explosive strength. A range of different exercises and training is needed to excel at these skills. Power training for volleyball Strength training is essential to your volleyball game. Exercising to establish a powerful vertical jump to be able to spike, set, block and dive quickly and with accuracy over and over during a game involves increasing your explosive strength. Training to increase your explosive power could include a program of lifting weights. It's import more

Tips to keep hydrated during exercise

Staying properly hydrated during exercise is extremely important for many reasons. If your body's not getting enough water or liquids during the game, your performance mightn't be the only thing to suffer. Water is essential to the body to maintain blood volume, regulate temperature and allow muscles to work. You lose fluids during exercise from sweating and the moisture on your breath. You don't have to be running an ultra marathon on a very hot day to become dehydrated. Any exercise where you break a sweat, even lightly, can cause dehydration if you don't replace the lost water. more

Game Clothing sponsors the Queensland Pirates Volleyball Team

Game Clothing is proud to be the uniform sponsor for the Queensland Pirates Volleyball team in the 2014/15 Australian Volleyball League. We recently handed over their new volleyball uniforms (/volleyball-uniforms) ready for the start of the season. Queensland Pirates aim to go back to back The Queensland Pirates are the current defending champions of the Australian League and determined to go back to back this season. Check out the great video they put together to launch their season and see the great looking volleyball uniforms (if we say so ourselves!!). P more

Smash it on the softball field with these pre game snacks

What you eat before a softball (/softball) game will have significant impact on how you perform on the field. An experienced athlete knows the importance of focusing on what a pre-game meals contains, to help maximise their energy levels and performance. Delicious pre-game snacks to help you smash it on the softball field! A healthy snack before a big softball game provides a final opportunity to top up the fuel stores in your muscles and liver. A high carbohydrate, low fat snack is the best choice. Ideally, a snack should be consumed 1-2 hours before the game, to allow time for it to more

The importance of a good cricket warm up

Everyone who is involved in the health and fitness industry should be aware of the importance of stretching, before and after activity, to help lower the risk of injury. Whether you’re participating in a game of cricket on the weekend, involved in coaching and training or just enjoy keeping fit; we all know the frustration of succumbing to an injury that keeps us off the field or cricket pitch. Yes, even cricket teams need to stretch and warm up before a game. Stretching is the necessary process of elongating and warming up the muscles prior to exercise, to prepare them for physi more

Game Clothing sign up 2 Netball Ambassadors

Game Clothing has been producing high quality customised sporting garments (/sports-clothing) across Queensland and Australia for the past 21 years. With strong values and a sense of pride the driving force behind this successful family owned and operated business, it was determined it is now the ultimate time to continue to move forward and align with an ambassadors who can represent the brand in the community. Jacinta Messer & Ameliaranne Wells - Get in the GAME Director of Game Clothing Mellissa Pashen confirmed today they have signed two professional athletes in Queenslanders J more

Stephanie Wood - a Netballer on the Rise

Stephanie Wood is a young netballer on the rise. At just 22 years of age, the born and bred Queenslander is keen to take the next step in her netball career. Stephanie began playing netball at age 6, following in the path of her two older sisters. She first represented Queensland in U/17’s in 2008 before moving into the U/19’s team the following year. Stephanie Wood - Netball Champ In 2010, she helped guide the Queensland U/19’s team to a remarkable National Championship win and she was awarded the San Remo Most Valuable Player award. In the same year she began a scholarship more

New Netball Queensland Netball Uniforms

The latest range of netball uniforms (/netball-uniforms) from Netball Queensland have just been released. The 2014 collection looks awesome! Your team will look fantastic in the new gear on or off the court. Take a look at our exclusive sneak preview video. Netball Uniforms Australia The collection includes a range of netball dresses, netball skirts, netball shirts and loads of teamwear including winter gear to keep you warm court side this season. Featuring plenty of bright colours such as lime, pink, purple, red and orange. Visit Game Netball ( more

How to choose the best sports shoe for you.

We have all suffered the effects of bad fitting or inappropriate shoes at some stage of our lives. Blisters, black toenails, aching feet, joint pain and tendonitis are just a few problems which can occur from wearing the wrong shoes. So how do you know the which are the right shoes for your sport? Shoe stores often label shoes as 'running', 'tennis' or 'football' shoes but this does not mean one style suits all. There are many aspects to consider when investing the big bucks on a new pair of sports shoes. Know your feet Knowing your feet and your gait (the way you walk) is the more