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Game Clothing are specialists in sports clothing. Proud to have over 20 years of manufacturing experience, we can custom design your roller derby uniforms, to make you stand out for the crowd. We can even deliver your roller derby clothing Australia wide.

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Roller Derby Clothing - what is roller derby?

Roller derby is an all-female, contact sport, consisting of two teams. Each team is made up of five skaters; each member wears four wheeled roller skates (quads) and speeds around a track. Each team member has a ‘position’: one jammer, one pivot and three blockers. Each position is identified by specific roller derby clothing and colours on her helmet.

Once both teams start rolling, the jammers, who start a few seconds after the others, must cut and weave their way through the pack. After passing through, they must lap around the track and maneuver through the pack again. The pivot sets the pace for the pack and keeps them together. The blockers try to block the opposing team’s jammer, as well as trying to push aside the other blockers, to allow their own jammer through. The two teams skate against each other for two, 30 minute bouts, that are further divided into two minute jams.

Roller Derby Clothes - the history of Roller Derby.

Roller derby was first played in Chicago, in 1935. Professional roller derby became very popular, very quickly, with over five million spectators, watching in about 50 US cities, in 1940. However, in the subsequent decades, it was predominantly sports entertainment, rather than competition; where the theatrical elements overshadowed any athleticism.

Today, roller derby is an international sport and under consideration for the 2020 Olympics.

Roller Derby Uniforms

Whilst we aren't specialist Roller Derby Clothing manufacturers, we are specialist sports uniform manufacturers with a wide range of sublimated sports garments to chose from. In fact, we have created some wonderful Roller Derby Clothing for several teams over the years using our standard range. We can design and produce your roller derby clothes, specific to your team colours and requirements. Most roller derby uniforms are made up of:

With our advanced sublimation techiques we can apply any design to the fabric. Allowing your team to apply specific names, images, and colours.

Looking for roller derby clothing Australia?

Game Clothing can design and manufacture comfortable but tough roller derby clothing which will withstand the rigors of the game. For more information on Roller Derby clothes give us a call on 07 3205 7454 or complete our Enqury Form and one of our team will contact you.