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Custom Sports Uniforms for a great team look!

Sublimated Sportswear - get a unique design!

Sublimation means that you can have creative and complex designs on your Sports Uniforms. Unlike in the past where different coloured sections were created by sewing different coloured materials together. Now you can have different colours and designs on the same peice of material, allowing for more creative looks.

Sublimation Vacuum Heat PressSublimated Sportswear design is a three step process:

  1. Create your design using a Graphic Design Program. This can be any shape or colour (depending on the Printer) you want, so the possibilities are endless.
  2. Print your design onto special Transfer Paper.
  3. Heat Press the Transfer Paper against plain White Material. This causes the design to transfer from the paper onto the material.

Does your sports uniform supplier sublimate their own sportswear?

Many sublimated sportswear suppliers outsource their sublimation process to someone else. To be honest, we started out this way. However, the problem is that you lose control of the all important design process and this can result in bad quality design or extended time frames. At Game Clothing, we do all our Sublimation in house including all three steps, from the design through to the heat press. We have state of the art Printers and Heat Presses, including a rotary heat press that allows us to sublimate at a faster rate then normal.

What about designing your sublimated sportswear?

Sublimated Sports Uniform - PoloOnce again this is where we stand out from our competition. Many sports uniform suppliers offer a selection of standard designs that you can then change the colours on to get a unique look for your team. But is it really unique?

Don't get us wrong; we offer this service as well as we understand that sometimes it's just easier and gives you a result you want. But we also realise that sometimes you want a look that truly is unique. Much like the sublimated jersey on the right; where the customer bought in some Aboriginal artwork and asked us to create a Jersey design using that as inspiration.

Our Designer has experience across a wide range of sports uniforms and we are confident that we can come up with a design that you'll love.

We use the sublimation process for most of our range, including Netball Dresses, Jerseys, Polos and Tracksuits.