Meet GAME Ambassadors, Laura Langman and Steph Wood with “A Morning at Sunshine Coast” this Saturday 9 June 2018.

Hosted by Sunshine Coast Netball Association, Laura and Steph will be Guest Coaches during a QPL Exhibition Match during Round 3 of Saturday morning fixtures as well as holding a Q&A with fans, signing autographs and taking selfies.

GAME Clothing will also launch it’s new range of umpire clothing; ‘GAME Umpires’, during the event.

Formalities will run from 9am until Midday at Sunshine Coast Netball Association, Maroochydore MultiSports Complex, 108 Fisherman’s Rd, Maroochydore.

‘GAME Umpires’ go on sale from 9am at gameclothing.com.au with limited ‘GAME Originals’ and ‘GAME Umpires’ stock on sale at the event.

game originals range

Be Original

GAME Originals

We are pleased to announce the beginning of GAME Originals. Our fitness range that has you covered for all types of training.

Conceptualised by the demand of our customers, we have created an innovative “Originals” range purposefully designed to motivate, train comfortably, look great and support healthy lifestyles.

The opportunity to inspire and encourage individuals to feel confident when participating in exercise is what we are all about!

GAME are excited to launch the first release of our high quality, affordable, locally made fitness range; GAME Originals.

Available now at gameclothing.com.au

game ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors Langman & Wood sign with Game

Leading sportswear manufacturer Game Clothing is pleased to announce the signing of two exciting brand ambassadors and professional athletes, Laura Langman & Stephanie Wood.

The partnership will extend over the next twelve months and will bring together a proudly Australian owned & operated business who has been in operation for over 24 years and two highly successful professional athletes’ who have both represented their respective countries & participate in the strongest netball competition in the world.

Laura & Stephanie both epitomise all the qualities valued by Game Clothing and their role as ambassadors will include designing and developing garments, promoting products and a variety of exciting social media activations.

Mellissa Pashen, Director of Game Clothing is thrilled with this partnership, “Aligning our brand with these two outstanding women & athletes is a highlight for our business, we are looking forward to working together & especially introducing an exciting new range of clothing based on their in depth knowledge & experience.”

Laura Langman is one of the most respected and recognised athletes in Netball, she is widely known for her exceptional precision and supreme fitness on the court and her values and ethics off the court. “The opportunity to become part of the Game Clothing team and work closely on creating and promoting the high quality locally produced garments whilst inspiring the community to participate in sport is an exciting new adventure and I can’t wait to get started.”

Stephanie Wood is one of the hottest new talents on the Australian Netball scene, Stephanie worked her way up through the ranks with true determination & did all the right things to get her chance at professional Netball. After debuting a few years ago, she hasn’t looked back & has become quite a success story. Stephanie is a local Queensland girl who was a member of the Game Clothing staff prior to launching her career. “I have always been part of the Game Clothing family & with a complete understanding of the business first hand and a passion for fun, fitness & health I look forward to supporting Game who have always supported me.”

The new ambassadors have already planned an adventurous video blog so stay tuned for more news and announcements.

game clothing news

Healthy after game snack idea’s

The feeling you get from giving it your all, totally pushing your body to perform at it’s best and playing hard is one of the finest sensations we can experience. That rush of endorphins and the satisfaction you get from a first rate effort, whether it be on the footy field, basketball court or running track, makes participating in sport worth every drop of sweat. When you’ve used every ounce of energy in your body it’s tempting to refuel with convenience foods like energy bars, confectionery and fast food. You’ve worked hard, right? You probably burnt 5 Mars bars worth of calories during the game, plus you’re STARVING!

Post Game Snack Idea’s
Stop for just a second and consider the best thing for your body at this time. Your muscle proteins have broken down, your carbohydrate stores are depleted, electrolyte levels are bottoming out and you are in need of serious hydration. The Mars bar is not going to cut it, your body needs replenishing with foods to help it recover not make it work harder.

Sports nutrition experts have found that the best time for refuelling is in the first 30 minutes after exercise when the body is most receptive to vital nutrients. For this reason it pays to be organised and have your post game snack ready to eat shortly after you come off the field or as soon as you get home.

What to eat after sport
The short answer is lean protein and carbohydrates. This is clearly open to a lot of scope so you’ll definitely be able to find something delicious which ticks all the flavour boxes for you.

Eggs – the post workout snack which combines both protein and carbohydrates plus is full of 11 vitamins and minerals, omega-3 fats and antioxidants.
Brown rice, quinoa – both contain carbs, protein and fibre and will fill you up fast, plus they contain magnesium, iron and potassium.

Fruit – fruit is the perfect after sport food as it is convenient, no preparation needed and it’s easy to eat. Fruit such as banana’s, kiwi fruit, blueberries, pineapple and oranges top the list. They’re bursting with antioxidants (fights muscle soreness), potassium (electrolytes), glycogen (to help rebuild muscles), calcium (strong bones), bromelain (a natural anti-inflammatory which helps heal bruises, sprains and swelling) and vitamin C (for muscle tissue repair and iron absorption).

Salmon and tuna – lean fish is a great source of protein and omega-3 fats to help rebuild muscles.
Whole grain – whole grain bread, crackers, wraps etc combined with lean protein such as chicken, turkey, tuna and salad provide a killer combo of healthy carbs and protein.
Greek yoghurt – contains double the protein than other styles of yoghurt. Throw together with some nuts and dried fruit for a great after sport snack.
It’s possible to replenish your bodies lost nutrients and help with recovery without needing expensive powders, protein bars and shakes with all these great vitamin and mineral packed natural food sources.

Next time you’re heading out to play, leave the energy bars at home and grab a healthy option for your post game snack instead. Your body will thank you.


3 Exercise tips for getting volleyball fit

The type of fitness needed to develop your volleyball game includes vertical jump power, stamina, speed as well as explosive strength. A range of different exercises and training is needed to excel at these skills.

Power training for volleyball

Strength training is essential to your volleyball game. Exercising to establish a powerful vertical jump to be able to spike, set, block and dive quickly and with accuracy over and over during a game involves increasing your explosive strength.

Training to increase your explosive power could include a program of lifting weights. It’s important to gradually build up your weights over a period of weeks to avoid injury.

Plyometrics workouts

Plyometrics workouts involve specific high intensity exercises to build up explosive strength and speed.

These exercises are ideal for the speed and power needed in volleyball’s fast paced game. They teach your muscles how to react fast and with force. Some examples of a plyometrics exercises are:

For legs

  • Drop Jumping – dropping of a step, landing on the floor and immediately jumping up onto another step or box
  • Bounding – over sized strides are used in a running action
  • Standing based jumps – jumping on the spot with a leg tuck or splits when jumping

For arms

  • Chest pass – quickly passing a medicine ball between two players, beginning the throw pushing off from the chest and drawing the ball into the chest when catching.
  • Press up hand clap – press up with a hand clap at arm extended position

A good warm up is essential before carrying out plyometrics exercises.

Volleyball player cardio conditioning

Increasing cardio stamina with high intensity interval training (HIIT) enables you to stay on top the whole game. HIIT cardio training 3 or 4 days per week will increase lung capacity and staying power. One of the great benefits of HIIT is that the period of exercise is usually short but the fitness pay off is substantial.

HIIT is a group of exercises performed at high intensity for a short period with a rest in between exercise of less than a minute. An example of a HIIT workout is:

  • 30 seconds of jumping jacks – 10 second break
  • 30 second wall sit – 10 second break
  • 30 seconds of push ups – 10 second break
  • 30 seconds of ab crunches – 10 second break
  • 30 seconds of step ups – 10 second break
  • 30 seconds of squats – 10 second break
  • 30 seconds of triceps dips- 10 second break
  • 30 second plank – 10 second break
  • 30 seconds of high knees running on the spot – 10 second break
  • 30 seconds of lunges – 10 second break
  • 30 seconds of rotational push ups – 10 second break
  • 30 second right side plank – 10 second break
  • 30 second left side plank – 10 second break

The pay off for all this hard work is your performance on the volleyball court will become more responsive and increased over all fitness means you’ll still have energy and power to give it all in the last minutes.

Tips to keep hydrated during exercise

Staying properly hydrated during exercise is extremely important for many reasons. If your body’s not getting enough water or liquids during the game, your performance mightn’t be the only thing to suffer.

Water is essential to the body to maintain blood volume, regulate temperature and allow muscles to work. You lose fluids during exercise from sweating and the moisture on your breath.

You don’t have to be running an ultra marathon on a very hot day to become dehydrated. Any exercise where you break a sweat, even lightly, can cause dehydration if you don’t replace the lost water. Although exercising at a high intensity in humid, warm or hot temperatures will mean you lose water faster.

You can’t perform at your best if you are not properly hydrated. Dehydration can affect physical function as well as reducing reaction time due to impaired mental ability. This could result in loss of coordination, problems making quick decisions (like where to kick the soccer ball) and increased perception of exertion. Ever had a huge game of netball, footy or basketball and played your hardest, only to have the coach ask why you were hanging back? This could have been due to dehydration.

Symptoms of dehydration

Symptoms of dehydration can vary from mild to severe. The more dehydrated you become the more extreme the symptoms which can occur. Signs you are not getting enough water can include:

  • dry mouth
  • feeling thirsty
  • little or no urination
  • dark yellow or amber coloured urine
  • confusion or irritability
  • tiredness
  • headache
  • muscle cramps
  • dizziness
  • fatigue

Issues can occur when you become dehydrated during, as well as after, exercise until you regain the lost liquids.

How to stay hydrated during exercise

  • Make sure you start your training, exercise or game well hydrated.
  • Schedule regular drink breaks during exercise, organise water stations or carry adequate liquids with you.
  • Assist your liquid intake by including foods high in water during breaks, before or after exercise. eg – watermelon, oranges, strawberries, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, rock melon or honeydew melon or pineapple.
  • Little and often is better than gulping down large amounts of water in one go.
  • If you are exercising hard for more than an hour sports drinks or a natural alternative (see below) can help you perform for longer.
  • Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink. If you are thirsty, or have a dry mouth, you’re already showing signs of dehydration.

Replenish electrolytes naturally

Sports drinks promotions tell us that we need their drinks to give our body’s essential electrolytes and carbohydrates lost during exercise. It is true that these two things will help your body hydrate and replenish energy after sport, however commercial sports drinks are not the only way to achieve this.

Sports drinks are full of refined sugar (much the same as a soft drink), artificial colours and flavours. Here are several easy ways to get electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride) and carbohydrates naturally.

  • Juice – Celery + Apple + Lemon – Naturally occurring electrolytes in this juice come from the celery, apple and lemon.
  • Mix – Sea salt + Baking soda + Lemon + Maple syrup + Water – Baking soda reduces the body’s acidity and provides a source of sodium bicarbonate.
  • Shake – Raw coconut water + Chia seeds – Raw coconut water contains electrolytes and potassium and is low in sugar. The chia seeds contain omega 3 fats, protein and fibre for energy.
  • Blend – Frozen banana + Almond milk + Kale – Banana and almonds provide potassium and magnesium to help regulate fluid stores. Kale is an excellent source of magnesium and calcium.

Don’t let dehydration stop you performing at your best. Remember to stay hydrated all day and drink extra fluid during and after exercise.

Ref – Natural electrolyte drink recipes

game sign queensland pirates

Game Clothing sponsors the Queensland Pirates Volleyball Team

Game Clothing is proud to be the uniform sponsor for the Queensland Pirates Volleyball team in the 2014/15 Australian Volleyball League. We recently handed over their new volleyball uniforms ready for the start of the season.

Queensland Pirates aim to go back to back

The Queensland Pirates are the current defending champions of the Australian League and determined to go back to back this season.

Check out the great video they put together to launch their season and see the great looking volleyball uniforms (if we say so ourselves!!).

Smash it on the softball field with these pre game snacks

What you eat before a softball game will have significant impact on how you perform on the field. An experienced athlete knows the importance of focusing on what a pre-game meals contains, to help maximise their energy levels and performance.

Delicious pre-game snacks to help you smash it on the softball field!

A healthy snack before a big softball game provides a final opportunity to top up the fuel stores in your muscles and liver. A high carbohydrate, low fat snack is the best choice. Ideally, a snack should be consumed 1-2 hours before the game, to allow time for it to be digested.

Carbohydrates, fat and protein

Carbohydrates are the key ingredient in a pre-game snack. Not only are carbs the body’s main source of energy, but are also digested faster than fat and protein, making them perfect before exercise. Some basic carb sources include toast, pasta, bananas, rice or potatoes. You should include a small amount of fat and protein as well. Your carb choices may already provide some fat and protein, but the main consideration is to make sure the amounts consumed fit into your daily nutritional intake guidelines.

Drink before and during a softball game

Keeping well hydrated is just as important. Stick to plain water, 100% fruit juice or sports drinks, avoiding anything that contains caffeine.

Pre-game snack ideas

  • Bagels with low fat cream cheese and salmon
  • Low fat yoghurt with fruit and nuts
  • Cereal with low fat milk or yoghurt
  • Toast, muffins or crumpets with a small amount of honey or jam
  • Fruit smoothie
  • Tinned spaghetti on toast
  • Sandwiches with low fat fillings
  • Fresh or canned fruit
  • Pasta or rice with low fat sauces

Whatever you choose, make sure you try it first during training; never try something new just before a big competition or important softball game.

The importance of a good cricket warm up

Everyone who is involved in the health and fitness industry should be aware of the importance of stretching, before and after activity, to help lower the risk of injury. Whether you’re participating in a game of cricket on the weekend, involved in coaching and training or just enjoy keeping fit; we all know the frustration of succumbing to an injury that keeps us off the field or cricket pitch.

Yes, even cricket teams need to stretch and warm up before a game.

Stretching is the necessary process of elongating and warming up the muscles prior to exercise, to prepare them for physical activity. A warm up, correctly performed, will help to raise the body temperature, increase blood flow and promote oxygen supply to the muscles; all of this is aimed at preventing injury during sport. It will also help to prepare the mind, body, muscles and joints for the physical activity to come. A cool down is just as important to help the muscles and tendons to relax and loosen, to prevent them from becoming stiff and tight. A cool down also prevents waste products, such as lactic acid, from building up in the muscles.

One of the greatest benefits of stretching once you have put on your cricket uniform but before going out on the cricket pitch, is that you lengthen your muscles and tendons. This will allow for an increased range of motion, and means your limbs and joints can move further before a potential injury may occur.

Cricket Warm Up

Let’s look at the four types of stretches:

  1. DYNAMIC – a stretch through the full range of motion, eg an arm rotation.
  2. STATIC – a dynamic movement that is then held at the most extreme point, eg a lunge held at its deepest position.
  3. ISOMETRIC – a stretch against resistance, eg the splits whilst braced between two chairs.
  4. RELAXED – a stretch aided by resistance, eg a front split.

These different types of stretching focus on a different variety of flexibility, so it stands to reason that different sports require different types of stretching. For example, gymnasts require all types of flexibility, for cricket, only dynamic flexibility is required.

Stretches and warm ups for cricket

  • Arm rotations – particularly recommended for fast bowlers. Spin each arm round in several directions, gradually increasing the speed. Perform 15 reps per arm or until you feel blood rushing to your hand.
  • Hugs – to warm and lengthen back muscles. Hug yourself tightly then immediately try and clap your hands behind your back then hug yourself again. With each clap, try to bring your arms higher up your back. With each hug, focus on flaring your back muscles out and shrug your shoulders. Perform 15 reps.
  • Front kicks – to lengthen the muscles in the backs of the legs. Put your hand out in front of you and using it as a target, attempt to kick your hand with the leg on the same side as your hand. Perform 10 reps with one leg, doing 2-3 sets in total.
  • Side kicks – same as above, just kick out to the side. Again, 10 reps for 2-3 sets.
  • Squats – make sure your knees don’t go beyond your feet. Go down as low as you can, ideally with your butt around ankle bone level. Perform 10-15 reps depending on your fitness levels.
  • Seated torso twists – sit on the floor with your legs straight and wider than shoulder width apart. Bring your hands up to your armpits and twist at the waist, making sure your buttocks remains on the ground. Perform 10 reps on each side, with 3-4 sets.
  • Seated side bends – same as above but bend to the side. Do 10 reps with 3-4 sets.
  • Seated forward bends – remaining on the floor, bring your feet slightly closer together. Bend forward, making sure your back becomes curved. You want the back to curve to stretch the back muscles out. Perform 10 reps with 3-4 sets.
  • Shoulder raise – lying on your stomach, put your hands on the floor, under your shoulders. Use your back muscles and your arms to push your torso up, but make sure your hips stay on the ground. Work up to locking your arms out.

Put on your cricket uniform and warm up!

Make sure you perform a general warm up before playing cricket, to prepare your entire body for the game; including your heart, lungs and muscles. Allow enough time so you’re not rushed but also take care to not overdo it and risk using up vital energy stores before your game even starts.

Stephanie Wood – a Netballer on the Rise

Stephanie Wood is a young netballer on the rise. At just 22 years of age, the born and bred Queenslander is keen to take the next step in her netball career.

Stephanie began playing netball at age 6, following in the path of her two older sisters.

She first represented Queensland in U/17’s in 2008 before moving into the U/19’s team the following year.

Stephanie Wood – Netball Champ

In 2010, she helped guide the Queensland U/19’s team to a remarkable National Championship win and she was awarded the San Remo Most Valuable Player award. In the same year she began a scholarship at the AIS.

In 2011 she was awarded the coveted Gweneth Benzie Award – a prestigious honour given to an AIS netballer who displays all the attributes to one day represent the Australian Netball Diamonds.

“Having the honor of receiving the Gweneth Benzie Award at the AIS in 2011 was very special to me, it’s the only trophy I have on display in my room.”

Stephanie says her greatest achievement to date was representing the Australian U/21’s team in New Zealand in 2011. Here she played a key role in the goal circle and helped Australia claim a series win.

From the National U/21’s team and captaining Queensland in underage competitions, Stephanie has successfully progressed into the senior pathways and has learned some valuable lessons along the way.

“Playing at an elite level has definitely taught me that not everything comes easy like it did when I was younger and that sacrifices have to be made for me to reach my goals. Also, it’s taught me how important time management is.”

Stephanie has developed into one of Queensland’s most reliable and consistent performers and is working hard to catch the eye of the powers that be at the elite level. She’s currently busy training and playing for the Queensland Fusion in the Australian Netball League and has been used as a replacement player and training partner for the Queensland Firebirds.

Stephanie Wood in Netball Queensland Hoodie

Stephanie is a dedicated, determined and passionate netballer with a bright future in the sport. She’s an accurate shooter renowned for her creativity, court craft and knowledge of the game. She has speed to burn and a maturity and poise beyond her years.

“My short term goal is to play in an ANZ Championship team and my long term goal is to play for Diamonds… I’ve learnt that not everything will come easy and there will be some highs and lows, but the highs make the lows worth it.”

Stephanie currently works for GAME clothing and will be at the NQ merchandise store at State Championships in Townsville. She’s can’t wait to see all the representative players from around the state in action.
Story by Dan Ryan

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