Game Clothing sign up 2 Netball Ambassadors

Game Clothing has been producing high quality customised sporting garments across Queensland and Australia for the past 21 years. With strong values and a sense of pride the driving force behind this successful family owned and operated business, it was determined it is now the ultimate time to continue to move forward and align with an ambassadors who can represent the brand in the community.

Jacinta Messer & Ameliaranne Wells – Get in the GAME

Director of Game Clothing Mellissa Pashen confirmed today they have signed two professional athletes in Queenslanders Jacinta Messer and Ameliaranne Wells to the team.

“Jacinta and Ameliaranne exemplify what we stand for with their hard work and determination, both balancing a career along with being a professional netballer.”

“Jacinta and Ameliaranne have been wearing our garments since their junior days in Netball right through to their time representing the Queensland State Teams and as a current member of the Mission Queensland Firebirds so are the perfect role models to represent our business” Pashen said.

Along with being a public face of Game Clothing, Jacinta & Ameliaranne will participate in selected local community appearances and take part in providing advice on design and production of garments.

Ameliaranne, Mellissa (Game Director) and Jacinta

“It is such a pleasure to be the Ambassador for a home-grown Queensland company like Game and I am thrilled about this new opportunity to work together on increasing awareness for their brand and participating in some exciting events and appearances” Messer said.

“I have been a valued member of the Game Clothing team over the last few years in an administration role and they have provided strong support of my career on and off the court so I am delighted to be taking the next step by representing them as an Ambassador” Wells said.

New Netball Queensland Netball Uniforms

The latest range of netball uniforms from Netball Queensland have just been released. The 2014 collection looks awesome! Your team will look fantastic in the new gear on or off the court. Take a look at our exclusive sneak preview video.

Netball Uniforms Australia

The collection includes a range of netball dresses, netball skirts, netball shirts and loads of teamwear including winter gear to keep you warm court side this season. Featuring plenty of bright colours such as lime, pink, purple, red and orange.

Visit Game Netball to view the full range. We are working hard to get the new designs up on the website fast.

Laser Tag the team sport for all ages

Laser Tag is an all weather, all ages, all levels, non-contact sport gaining popularity in Australia. Sometimes referred to as laser force, the game is played all over the world with a massive following.

What is Laser Tag?

Evolving from a Star Trek toy phaser released in 1984 to the professional equipment we see today the game often includes role play, combat and tactical aspects.

Each player is issued a hand held phaser and a computerised vest. The aim is to zap opponents, base stations and specific targets within a playing maze to score points. The indoor maze or playing area is darkened and contains obstacles to negotiate or hide behind.

Laser tag played outdoors is called laser skirmish and usually involves a larger playing area.

Laser Tag Team Uniforms

We have recently started producing team laser tag uniforms. We were impressed with the design ideas the laser tag teams created for their clothing. We have put together a video to showcase these great laser tag jerseys.

If your laser tag team would like to have professionally designed and manufactured uniform give us a call on 07 3205 7454 or complete our contact form.

How to choose the best sports shoe for you

We have all suffered the effects of bad fitting or inappropriate shoes at some stage of our lives. Blisters, black toenails, aching feet, joint pain and tendonitis are just a few problems which can occur from wearing the wrong shoes.

So how do you know the which are the right shoes for your sport? Shoe stores often label shoes as ‘running’, ‘tennis’ or ‘football’ shoes but this does not mean one style suits all. There are many aspects to consider when investing the big bucks on a new pair of sports shoes.

Know your feet

Knowing your feet and your gait (the way you walk) is the first step in finding the best shoes for you. Many professional sports shoe stores will examine your gait with the use of specialised equipment. Width, length, arch shape and the tendency to turn or roll your foot inwards or outwards are all factors which will determine which shoe fits best. An experienced shoe fitter or podiatrist can advise you on the best type of shoe for your needs.

Remember to have your feet measured and analysed each time you buy shoes as age, weight loss or gain and injuries can change the size of your foot or the way you walk.

Know your sport

Different sports demand different movements and unique pressures on your feet and body. Running, for instance, requires good cushioning and arch support to minimise impact to your joints and encourage your foot to move with out turning inward or outward. Netball and basketball, which have lots of side to side movement, stopping and starting requires a shoe with more stability support to prevent ankle injuries and added grip to avoid slipping.

Higher price doesn’t always equal a better shoe

Studies of sports shoes have shown that going to the top of the price range doesn’t always convert to a better shoe. Mid priced shoes ($150 to $200) proved to be comparable to the upper price range ($200+) in support, the only difference the high priced shoes was they may last slightly longer and increased mid-sole cushioning.

Shop around, do the research and try on different styles and brands. Don’t be swayed by looks as the funky looking pair may not fit as well as the boring coloured pair. Anyway, if you are playing hard enough no one will be looking at your shoes (a great team uniform on the other hand, will have everyone looking).

What makes a great tournament fishing shirt?

We have just started to venture into designing and manufacturing fishing shirts for the huge Australian fishing community. Wow, what an enthusiastic group they are.

What makes a great fishing shirt?

Sun safe custom fishing shirts

Sounds like a no brainer, wearing a shirt is sun safe, yes? No. Not all fabrics are the same when it comes to sun protection. We use a Sports Mesh fabric for our fishing shirts which is specifically designed for high performance sports wear and provides a great level of sun protection.

Keep cool under pressure

The nature of the sport means long periods in the hot Australian sun. Our Sports Mesh fabric is breathable and has great wicking properties (it draws moisture and sweat away from the skin) to keep you cool when the fishing heats up.

Fishing shirts that stand out from the crowd

Putting your fishing team sponsor logo on your shirt not only keeps them happy it means your shirt is one of a kind. You can also add your design, colours and team name on to personalise your fishing shirt even more.

Custom tournament fishing shirts

Here are two examples of custom shirts which we made for a roller derby team and laser tag team just to show how far you can go with design if you have a great imagination.

Get ready for your next fishing tournament with a fishing shirt from Game Clothing. Australian made, quality guaranteed. Contact us today for a quote.

Cheerleading – Australia’s fastest growing new sport

Cheerleading is the next big thing in Australian sport. An energetic mix of dance, gymnastics and stunts Cheerleading encourages strength, flexibility and coordination. With participants ranging in age from under 5’s to adult, the sport has a massive following and is growing steadily.

Cheerleading Uniforms Australia

Here at Game Clothing have recently added cheerleading uniforms to our wide selection of sports uniforms. We have discovered that we are one of only a few Australian sports clothing companies to make cheer uniforms.

Our team can custom design many of our garments to be used as by your squad for cheer uniforms.

  • Cheerleading Dresses – our netball dress design is perfect for cheerleading. The classic A-line design can be catered to your squads colours. The flexible, breathable fabric allows the cheerleader to perform without restriction.
  • Cheerleading Bodysuits – Incorporating a well fitting dress and bummers or sports knickers this style provides a all-in-one solution to your cheerleading uniform.
  • Cheer Crop Tops – Our Crop Tops can be sublimated with your team name to give a professional look. Made from high quality Xtra Life Lycra which will withstand repeated washing without fading.
  • Cheerleading Shorts – We have shorts for boys, girls, women and men to suit your squad’s cheer uniform.
  • Cheer Hot PantsHot pants can be worn under cheer skirts or by themselves. Designed with movement in mind and made from Extra Life Lycra our hot pants have great stretch recovery.
  • Cheerleading Skirts – Our classic A-line skirt is perfect for cheerleaders. Made from Sports Mesh which has great wicking properties, (it draws moisture away from the skin) and is resistant to fade.
  • Cheer Shirts – We have several designs perfect for cheerleading. Choose from a V-Neck singlet, Round Neck singlet, X-back singlet, Polo’s or T-Shirts.
  • Cheer Camp Clothes – Our tracksuits, jackets, t-shirts and polo’s are great for cheerleading camp wear.

Cheerleading Outfits

Regardless of your uniform choice, when you buy from Game Clothing your cheerleading outfits are Australian made right here in our Brisbane workshop, quality guaranteed. For more information see our Cheerleading Uniforms Australia page or give us a call on 07 3205 7454.

Got your Basketball uniforms ready for 2013 season?

Want to perform your best and look great when the whistle blows on the first game of the 2013-2014 basketball season? Then get your team into a Game Clothing made Basketball uniform.

Custom Basketball Uniforms

Our custom basketball uniforms are Australian made right here in our Brisbane premises. As we design and manufacture all our sports uniforms, you can have your basketball uniform made to the teams exact requirements. Our in house design team can copy your existing team uniform or give you a fresh look for the new season.

We make basketball singlets, basketball shorts, basketball jerseys and all your team gear including basketball accessories like hats and sports bags.

Custom Basketball Singlet

Our basketball shorts are made of either light weight polyester microfibre which is soft, breathable and quick drying or a running short fabric which is light, strong and long wearing. All our fabric’s are resistant to fade so they will last you season after season.

We have researched and trialled many different fabric’s for our basketball singlets and jerseys but the stand out fabric which we use again and again is a Sports Mesh which has great wicking abilities to keep your skin dry, is breathable and great for sublimation.

Custom Basketball Jersey

Basketball Teamwear

Get in quick so we can have your basketball uniforms ready. Have a look at our huge range of designs or contact us with a design of your own.

For more information on our Basketball Uniforms.

Game Clothing is moving!

Well we must be doing something right!!!

We have been growing our sports uniforms manufacturing business consistently for many years now and this will be our second move in the last few years. This time we are moving to premises that we hope will give us further room for growth in the future.

We are currently in the process of fitting the new premises out ready for the big move on the 5th and 6th of August. This involves partitioning the office area, building a clean, air conditioned area for our 3 sublimation printers and getting electrical wiring ready for the 2 sublimation presses, 2 embroidery machines and of course the many sewing machines.

Here are some pictures of the premises before the big move:

The new premises are at 1/14 Hinkler Court, Brendale. We are still in the same street, just in a different complex.

View Larger Map

Queensland Champions Cup – Premier Netball Competition

Game Clothing is extremely proud to support the Queensland Champions Cup, which is the premier Netball competition in Queensland. It is played throughout Queensland and is a critical pathway for Netballers and Officials to develop into elite athletes. It also acts as the direct pathway for State and ANL teams.

Netball Dresses and Uniforms by Game Clothing

As well as overall support, Game Clothing also supplies all the Netball Dresses and Netball Uniforms used by the teams. These are our Australian Made Sublimated range that we supply throughout Australia and even the world.

Watch the QCC Netballers in Action

Below is a video we put together from photos taken by “Sports in Digital” throughout some of the games in 2013. Enjoy:

The importance of warm up exercises

Correct warm up exercises can decrease muscle tension, reduce injury risk and increase player performance by increasing blood flow to the muscles. An essential element in the pre-game or pre-training routine, warming up for 10 to 15 minutes can mean the difference between losing players out injured and playing with a full side.

Warm up also has other benefits for your team such as settling nerves and psychologically preparing the players for the game ahead. Pre-game is an important time for team morale, encouraging positive energy between players and casually discussing the game ahead can prime the team for the coming match. This mental preparation helps to clear the mind, increase focus and build concentration.

Benefits of a good warm up:

  • Enhanced range of joint motion
  • Elevated body temperature – improves muscle elasticity, reducing strains
  • Facilitates a rise in muscle temperature – allowing muscles to contract hard and relax fast increasing speed and strength
  • Prepares the body for the specific types of movements related to your sport
  • Raises heart rate and breathing in readiness for the game
  • Primes your nerve to muscle pathways to be ready for exercise
  • Reduces incidence of injury during the game

As we have mentioned in a previous blog (Stretching – Should we be doing it?) static stretching is not the best way to prepare your body for exercise. Starting with a gentle sports related exercise, walk or light jog is a better way to begin your warm up as it gently increases your heart rate and breathing while increasing the temperature of your muscles.

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