AR Rugby
100% Polyester
260 GSM
A strong fabric most suitable for contact sports and harsher elements. The fabric has a small level of stretch. Great for sports jerseys and all kinds of shorts.

100% Polyester
250 GSM
Smooth on the exterior with a soft thin “teased” interior, the fabric is great for non-contact jerseys; such as senior jerseys, supporter jerseys or travel jerseys, as well as Hoodies and other winter jackets. The exterior does have a slight sheen when sublimated. Garments made with this fabric are not waterproof.

100% Polyester
175 GSM
Great lightweight fabric with a classic look and sense of value. The fabric has a medium stretch level and smooth underside. Great for basketball singlets or dress polo shirts.

100% Polyester
140 GSM
A thin, super lightweight fabric with smooth finish and great breathability. Recommended for running, light non-contact activities or for staff polos.

Footy Stretch
100% Polyester
250 GSM
A robust fabric for heavy-duty activities and contact sports. The fabric has a medium level of stretch. Great for sports jerseys and heavy-duty labourers.

100% Polyester
145 GSM
Clean lightweight fabric with a neat hatch weave texture within the fabric. Suitable for polos and tees in low intensity activities. Great for officials and management garments. Does finish with a light sheen.

100% Polyester
165 GSM
This athletic hexagonal texture within the fabric adds another element to garments. The two way stretch fabric is suitable for non-contact sports. Great for tennis shirts or Netball singlets.

Lite Mesh
100% Polyester
160 GSM
Universally popular fabric. A smooth underside for comfort and great for all non-contact occasions. Medium level of stretch. Has a slight sheen on the exterior and complimentary texture for all designs and sports.

80% Polyester 20% Lycra
200 GSM
A four way stretch fabric with a nice sheen exterior and smooth underside. The fabric hugs the body and adds fitted support where required. Suitable for crop tops and bike pants.

100% Polyester
116 GSM
A tightly woven, sturdy fabric with very little stretch. Commonly used on track and field athletics shorts and tracksuit jackets and pants. Garments made with this fabric are not waterproof. Has a very slight matte finish.

100% Polyester
160 GSM
Smooth, lightweight and flexible, feels like cotton. Perfect for casual or supporter T-Shirts.

Sports Mesh
100% Polyester
190 GSM
Our durable popular fabric. More robust than ‘Lite Mesh’ with a little bit more texture. Medium level of stretch. Great for netball dresses and outdoor activities.

Sports Mesh (Reverse)
100% Polyester
190 GSM
Using the underside of this fabric is an option to retain the strength but offer a smoother finish to the texture. This option will also apply a slight sheen to garments.

Sprint Pro
100% Polyester
150 GSM
A high sheen fabric with a slight two way stretch. Commonly used on rugby shorts.

Stretch Microfibre
100% Polyester
162 GSM
Great four way stretch fabric with light movement. Comfortable for mobile athletes or non-active wearers. Slight matte finish for garments.

82% Polyester 18% Lycra
230 GSM
Thicker than ‘Lycra’, this fabric adds premium comfort, it has a slight compression and finishes with less sheen. Well suited for bike pants and swimwear.

100% Polyester
160 GSM
A lightweight but strong, dense knit fabric with two way stretch. Similar to a polo cotton texture the fabric has a strong sense of value and neat finish. Commonly recommended for Cricket shirts.

Union 5616
65% Polyester 35% Cotton
300 GSM
Smooth on the exterior with a fleece like interior. A comfortable amount of weight within the fabric, it is great for hoodies, non-contact jerseys and jackets. Garments made with this fabric are not waterproof.

100% Polyester
160 GSM
Lightweight fabric with generous 2 way stretch. The horizontal linear stitch adds an extra element to the garments design. Recommended for running, non-contact activities or staff polos.

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