The Administration team co-ordinate all process, procedures, orders and enquires for the business. The admin team work closely with Design and Manufacturing to ensure garments are delivered on time and as expected.

Mellissa Pashen, Director of GAME Clothing, oversees the team in Reception, Orders, Quotes, Workflow and Customer Services.

Our full-time School Sport Service Manager, Greg, works directly with Queensland School Sport and Regional School Sports offering the detailed service and solutions required to appropriately cater the School Sport community.


Captained by GAME Clothing business owner Garry Pashen, our inhouse designers and creative team are regularly coming up with new concepts and combinations for our garments. On a near daily basis we are colour matching existing uniforms, testing new design elements and experimenting new colour combinations. The Design team can match design elements or come up with new designs specifically for your garments.

Once your designs are approved by you, our Layout team expand your design to cover all sizes ensuring that the design is never compromised due to size and patterns changes. Layout also prepare your order print files ensuring all logos, sizes, names and numbers are ready to go.

The Print team is the epicentre of design’s consistent quality assurance and the bridge between design and manufacturing. They manage our wide set sublimation printers, print files, ink, paper and much more. The team regularly conduct test with the Sublimation team to ensure our colour output is consistent across all fabrics and printers.


GAME Clothing’s Sub & Cut teams work with 3 sublimation machines and one lazer cutter.

The Sub machines require constant attention and regular load/unload of prints and fabrics. Our Sublimation team are constantly working with the machines, ensuring they are at the correct temps, pressure and speeds and producing the correct colours.

The Cutting and Sorting department operate the lazer cutter and also still cut by hand. The team make sure all garment pieces have been printed and cut correctly and prepare them for manufacturing.

As well as dealing with the machines, both departments work simultaneously together and with the print room and manufacturing to ensure consistent quality output.


The team is lead by Director and founder, Gayle Rodney who oversees our inhouse garment productions. Gayle reviews all orders and finalises the finer details of manufacturing your garments; such as appropriate cotton threads, zips, button, needle sizes etc.

The talented manufacturing team work over multiple production machines to deliver exceptional garments made with many different fabrics and intricate patterns. Week in and out the team are producing our Australian made products to customers right across the country, and the world.


The team at Dispatch are the final department to handle the garments. They run the final quality check over the products, making sure there are no faults with colours, design and manufacturing. Dispatch package the garments and co-ordinate delivery with our shipping providers.

For our larger customer groups, official partners and our own GAME Originals products, the team also oversees management of our stock levels.


The Events crew are our team of retail superhumans. The crew take our official partner’s products (and our own) on the road to fixtures, carnivals and any other events.

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