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GAME Clothing was founded by legendary seamstress Gayle Rodney in the early nineties. Gayle was the pioneer of the new look of Netball uniforms and GAME quickly became a local sensation. Although Gayle is still involved in the every day work in progress, Mellissa took over the Management of GAME in the mid 2000’s. As Gayle’s daughter, Mellissa grew up in the family business and drives the company with the same passion and dedication the family have always brought to the Sportswear industry.

GAME has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1993, but we are still made local and we still deliver as fast as we ever have. The company has always had a rich history of partnerships with some of the greatest teams in the world*. Our garments are worn by worldclass sports people who rely on us to keep them at the top of their game.

We will always be proudly Australian owned and operated with a passion to keep you GAME Ready.

*Teams like: Sunshine Coast Lightning, Queensland Firebirds (Australian Super Netball), Brisbane Bullets (Australian National Basketball League), Central Pulse (New Zealand ANZ Premiership), Softball Australia, Hockey Victoria, Softball Victoria, Netball Queensland, Queensland Pirates (Australian Volleyball League) and Australian Defence Force to name a few.

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