What we do.

Understanding your uniform needs

Our fully qualified onsite Customer Service and Sales team are Ready to chat. We are available on the phone, email or come and visit us onsite.

Website enquires are sent to our customer service team for action with a price list sent back within 24 hours.

Both service and sales work very closely with our onsite design and production teams to ensure your uniforms are at the top of their game.

Present concepts

Our inhouse Graphics Team work with Customer Service and Sales to meet your brief and maintain design quality.

We have a library of designs online to choose from as well as capabilities to produce new custom artwork, with all designs available in your colours.

Send in a sample and our team will match to your previous uniform’s colours.

Digital mockups will be provided for approval, with sample prints available on request.

Layout and Print

Your order is collated and prepared for printing. Each size is digitally mapped for artwork consistency.

Names and numbers are applied where required and laid out for onsite printing.

We print with specialised ink and paper to prepare for sublimation.

Colour output is constantly monitored for consistency across every size of every garment on every fabric for every order.


Printed artwork is paired with fabric and rolled through our high pressure 200 degree sublimation machines.

This process evaporates the ink off the paper and permanently dyed into the fabric.

The rolls of fabric now with garment artwork are prepared for cutting.

Cutting, Sewing & Embellish

Our laser cutter separates all the garment pieces from the fabric roll and the Cut team sort the panels into garments and sizes, running a quality check during the process.

Onsite sewing team sew the garments pieces together and run an additional quality check.

Any additional embellishments such as heatpress, embroidery and screenprint is applied to garments at this time.


Garments are handed over to our dispatch department who run a size and product count and final quality check.

We work with our shipping partners to deliver your garments or hand them over to customer service for pickup at your convenience.

GAME Ready

Authentic Australian Made Sportswear is now in your hands.
Look great, feel great and play great.
Share your game day shots with us and your community on social media.

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