Australian fabric for Australian made clothing

Australian fabric for Australian made clothing

Game Clothing are an Australian company, proud to be using Australian made products for our clothing. We have access to many suppliers for our Australian made clothing but primarily obtain fabric from the following three manufacturers.

Australian made

Standardknit Fabrics, located in Sydney, began manufacturing Australian made clothing in 1954, and since then, has been an integral part of Australia’s textile industry. They supply 100%, Australian made and owned fabrics to local and overseas customers. Standardknit Fabrics produce a wide range of weft knitted fabric, Australia, suitable for a diverse range of applications. They combine the latest and best technology and apply ongoing research and development to produce an innovative range of Australian made clothing, that is superior in its quality.

Their ‘made to order’ range includes:

  • interlocks,
  • single jersey,
  • double jersey,
  • course gauge knits,
  • including rugby’s,
  • sports mesh,
  • Marathon-tracksuit fabric and
  • Wilcox-tracksuit fabric.

Fabric Australia

Charles Parsons Group is part of the largest fabric wholesale group in Australia and New Zealand. A privately owned company, established in 1915, they have diversified across almost every category where fabrics and textiles are used. They produce an extensive range of knitted and woven Australian fabric, suitable for all sports’ requirements.

Their comprehensive range includes:

  • specialised performance sublimation fabrics, suitable for sponsorship branding and team uniforms,
  • a lighter weight sports mesh, lighter than the standard mesh, Xtra dry motion has a slight line pattern to the fabric,
  • a performance based, winter sport range, featuring breathable and water proofing qualities and
  • an extensive leisurewear range, including polar fleece and sweat shirt fabrics.

Australian made clothing

Broadway Textiles began in the Sydney CBD in the early 1950’s. They were a small, family business originally known as London Textiles until they relocated to Ultimo, just off Broadway, and changed their name to Broadway Textiles. They began producing fabrics that were popular in the day for men’s and ladies’ wear, such as crimplene and terylene, now they primarily specialise in fabric Australia, for sportswear, corporate wear and protective clothing.

Their range includes a broad variety of microfibre, suitable for:

  • skirts,
  • running shorts and
  • tracksuits.

Australian fabric

We believe that Australian made clothing and Australian made fabric is best suited to our climate, to ensure optimal comfort and support. Whether you’re training, competing or simply leading an active lifestyle, our Australian products will go anywhere you go.

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