We have just started to venture into designing and manufacturing fishing shirts for the huge Australian fishing community. Wow, what an enthusiastic group they are.

What makes a great fishing shirt?

Sun safe custom fishing shirts

Sounds like a no brainer, wearing a shirt is sun safe, yes? No. Not all fabrics are the same when it comes to sun protection. We use a Sports Mesh fabric for our fishing shirts which is specifically designed for high performance sports wear and provides a great level of sun protection.

Keep cool under pressure

The nature of the sport means long periods in the hot Australian sun. Our Sports Mesh fabric is breathable and has great wicking properties (it draws moisture and sweat away from the skin) to keep you cool when the fishing heats up.

Fishing shirts that stand out from the crowd

Putting your fishing team sponsor logo on your shirt not only keeps them happy it means your shirt is one of a kind. You can also add your design, colours and team name on to personalise your fishing shirt even more.

Custom tournament fishing shirts

Here are two examples of custom shirts which we made for a roller derby team and laser tag team just to show how far you can go with design if you have a great imagination.

Get ready for your next fishing tournament with a fishing shirt from Game Clothing. Australian made, quality guaranteed. Contact us today for a quote.